Copy [kop-ee]

Words that sell.

Print Money with Your Words

You've got something to offer, but they don't know that. And here's the tricky part-you only have a few seconds to make them see it. Fail to do so, and lose the sale. Succeed, and turn them into loyal customers.

Website Copy

Get the attention of both buyers and search engines through clear, poignant website content. Keep people on your site longer and drive them to action.

SEO Articles

Regardless of subject matter or quantity required, I'll produce high quality articles you can use for valuable backlinks. And people will actually want to read them.

Press Releases

The first step to getting this coveted media coverage is to distribute a well-written press release. Let me help others tell your story.

Business Blogs

Foster constant conversation with your clients through brilliant, clearly-written blog posts that just beg for response.


Stay fresh on your clients' minds with newsletters that update them on the goings on within your company, as well as latest product offerings.


I can take your industry-specific knowledge and put it together in a well-organized, professionally written eBook.


Most brochures are boring, highlight nothing, and end up in the trash can. That's the exact opposite of the brochures I'll craft for you.

Direct Mail

Make that sale again and again with a highly targeted sales letter delivered right to your ideal client's mailbox.

Print Ads

While pictures may be what catch your eye when you look at an ad, the words are what stick in your mind. Find out how I can plant them in your audience's mind.

Law Firms

Writing for a law firm is different. There are things you can say and things that you can't-and I understand that. Lose the jargon and let clients know how you can help them.


Whether you're a residential or commercial contractor, let me help your customers figure out why they should hire you over the other guys.

Internet Marketing Companies

Want to improve your clients' rankings? Then you need content. And not just any content-high quality content. Contract your writing needs out to me.


Your presentation should help listeners follow along as you speak, not confuse them. Transform your PowerPoint into meaningful bullet points to serve as the backbone of your presentation.

Business Plans

Step one to starting a successful business. My go-to business plan writer has an MBA from UCLA and a thriving franchise. Benefit from his experience and get started on the right foot.


Have an idea of what to say but not sure how to put it together? I'll spin your words into a masterful speech. Serious, clever, funny...pick your poison.


Perhaps the most important words you ever pay for. Your tagline defines your brand. Don't take that lightly.

On Hold Messages

Nothing sucks worse than being put on hold. But hey, it's a necessary evil. Let me help you keep your customer on the line.

Video Scripts

Don't just press record and hope the words come out right. Deliver an effective message in half the takes with a HELP! Copy & Design script.

Magazine Articles

Why hire a staff writer when a freelancer can fill up that extra space for you? Whether you need a 4 page article or a couple of paragraphs, I'll handle it, interviews and all.